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World of Cars - largest printed car directory

12-21-2006, 12:31 PM
Howdy all.

I though you guys might be interested to know that Media Connection just published the 2007 issue of World of Cars, and have decided to release the 2006 issue as a free pdf download.

I think they're limiting the time the download is available, although they obviously have no control over how the file spreads. (It's up on torrent sites, for example)

World of Cars is the worlds largest printed car directory with some 1500 makes and 8500 models in it's latest issue. It's been published in Poland since 1991, and this years' is the second English edition of the catalogue.

Catalogue homepage: http://www.theworldofcars.com
(the pdf download is under "Happy hours! Free pdf")

Cheers : Mateusz Pozar : www.monocultured.com

(Disclaimer: My father is the editor of the catalogue, and has asked me to help getting the word out)

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