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94 Saab 900S V6 problem

12-05-2006, 05:43 PM
Hello everyone,
I have a problem with my 1994 Saab 900S with the 2.5 V6 engine and automatic transmission.

Some basic info first:

I just got this car about a month ago and the previous owner has changed the water pump and timing belt. The car has about 112xxx miles on it. The car is located in Columbus, OH.

The only thing he told me to change was the transmission fluid, which was a brownish color. I took the car to Jiffy Lube and they have changed the fluid. Before that, the CHECK GEARBOX light comes on sometimes. I turn off the car when the light comes on and then start it right back up, the light goes away. The car shifts perfectly if the light is on or off. No change in performance what so ever.

Now the problem:

About 3 days ago, I started the car and waited for 5 minutes to let the engine warm up. No CHECK GEARBOX light. I put the car is R and it moved normally. When I put the car in D, no acceleration what so ever. The car accelerates very slowly. The RPM was at 2000 but I didn't try to accelerate more in fear to cause more damage to the car. The CHECK GEARBOX light comes on once I shift into D. After that the car would drive normally. I drove like this around the neighborhood for about 10 minutes. Still no acceleration from 1st gear. I even tried to put the gear into 1st then 2nd and 3rd, no difference.

For some reason, I decided to stop, turn off the car, and then start it again. When into D, my Saab accelerated as normal!!! No warning lights no nothing. As if the problem never happened in the first place.

I tried to start it yesterday with the exact problem as above. I tried again today before posting the problem here.

Is there an evil spirit roaming around this car or something????? Please Help
Could anyone refer me to a good Saab mechanic in Columbus?



06-29-2007, 07:22 AM
:banghead: i have the same car and it does the same thing i cant figure mine out also. plz let me know if you find out thanks paul

11-21-2007, 05:25 AM
:banghead: i have the same car and it does the same thing i cant figure mine out also. plz let me know if you find out thanks paul

Good day

i know it has been a long time but I was checking the forums and saw your reply. Well i might have an update about this problem.

After reading through the internet, it could be the neutral safety switch.

Here is how to replace the part:

Here are some FAQS for the 900 CHECK GEARBOX light:

I didnt repair it since the car developed a head gasket leak and so I am selling it.

let me know what happens. Good luck.

11-28-2007, 07:54 PM
If you don't want to spend the 3oo bucks for a new neutral saftey switch try taking the neutral saftey switch out and taking it apart and cleaning it ggod with some degreaser and putting a thin layer of grease on it before reassembling it. I had the saame problem with my 94 and thought I haad nothing to lose so I tried cleaning it and it has been fine ever since. Light goes out after that.

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