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Seat Leon tuning with Lambo doors

10-12-2006, 09:17 AM
Each tuning firm tries to fully devote itself to its work. It tries to create the best products and offers the best services to satisfy its customers as well as the marketīs requests. It is not easy to lead a tuning firm at that level to be visible also behind the bounderies of country of birth. It needs an enormous effort and patience... These properties do surely not miss to the guys from the German firm – JE DESIGN! They surely know what is a hard work because their products and final results are worth to see. Now, they started Seat Leon production under the sign of 1P. The way how they took care of this beauty car you can read from the following sentences.

http://www.tuningmag.net/images/news/je_design_seat_leon_01022006/je_design_seat_leon_text_2.jpg (http://www.tuningmag.net/?name=new-seat-leon-tuning-je-design)

Read more: Tuningmag.net Seat Leon tuning (http://www.tuningmag.net/?name=new-seat-leon-tuning-je-design)

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