Clicking noise on a 2004 Honda Foreman-Rubricon

10-08-2006, 08:10 PM
Ok I was driving my four wheeler up some roads (designated as trails). Well I kept a steady speed of about 40. This was for about 2-3 miles straight. When I brought the four wheeler back my dad went to ride it around the yard and heard some sort of clicking. He also heard me driving it (because the road is like a mile from our house) and said he heard me holding it "wide open." I swear I didn't hold it wide open. Well now I'm stuck getting it fixed. When it idles it's a steady clicking noise space a few seconds apart. I'm guessing it's a lifter or something that's making it click. I know I had the RPMs up but it tops out at like a little over 50 so I figured I didn't have it close to wide open. Does anyone know what this problem could be. Any help is highly appreciated.

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