Audi A8 tuning by JE DESIGN

10-04-2006, 03:12 AM
The fact Audi A8 is a part of a concern VW Group is clear to everyone. Therefore tuning firms, respectively the firms that deal with the car modification, whether it is an optical modification or the vehicle performance, are mostly oriented on the concernīs trademarks. Last year Leingartenīs auto servise showed itself. As the first, it introduced the modification for the premium class Audi, the model Audi A8. It is not different with the beginning of the new model.

Audi A8, in the engine version 4,2L V8, was the basis for the modification. The cubage of 4,2 litres, exactly 4172 cm3 on the eight cylinders provides the output 246/335 (kW/k). The big advantage of a new A8 is its traditional bodywork construction made of the aluminium. (

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