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Test post

09-01-2006, 11:47 AM
Joe Cipriano 1:00
31 August

1.Tire functions are as follows ~ They cushion the vehicle ride to provide

comfort to the driver/occupant. Firmly support vehicle weight. Develop

traction to give the drive stability and steering on the road & Directional


2. The tire bead itself shapes the wheel and allows a stable fitting. The tire

bead filler acts as a reinforcement for the side wall and acts as a rim


3.The antioxidants prevent harmfull wear on the tire from things like UV light

and prevents harmfull gases from escaping.

4. The steel belts on a radial run across each other in an overlapping pattern

to provide maxium strength and comfort.

Bias-plys, Ply's run along next to each other and create warp over time and

are not very efficent.

5. The advatages of an all season tire are that it has more gap on the road

so less wear on the tire and longer life. It also is more stable in bad


6. A "B" load rating is meant to carry less weight then a "D" load rating which

is for light trucks.

7.An "A" tire temp rating is alot higher and can with stand greater friction

temperatures then a "C" which is considered acceptable.

8.The tire contact area is where the "rubber meets the road" and traction is

applyed. Tire deflection is Tire deflection is the difference of the free

diameter and the rolling diameter of the tire.

9. A rim drop makes changing the tire alot easier and quicker. The saftey

ridges are there to prevent tire beads from moving into the center of the rim.

10. Static unbalance is when the rim/wheels rotational mass is effected by

being throw off center, which in turn effects the centrifical force of the


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