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Alfa Romeo GT in embrace of Lester company

08-25-2006, 01:02 AM
Cars marked with GT, GTI or R stick out from their classes in some way. It is mainly with their performance and look. By these cars, we are used to their difference from their siblings in noticeably more sporting look. They can have bigger discs, sporting undercarriage, interior accessories or more striking bumpers. All these things are signs of these sporting models. However, it is not always sufficient. I mean the tuning companies, which are interested in cars like these. Their markedly more sporting look is apparently for tuners not acceptable, so they begin to modify them. They equip cars with tuning body kits, discs and possibly with other accessories. Although, we can polimize why modifiers tune cars of sporting character. The answer is: tuning is tuning?. We introduce to you the new Alfa Romeo with attribute GT and its native tuning company Lester.

http://www.tuningmag.net/images/news/lester_alfa_romeo_gt_26072006/alfa_romeo_gt_lester_text_1.jpg (http://www.tuningmag.net/?name=modified-alfa-romeo-gt-lester-tuning)

Read more: http://www.tuningmag.net/?name=modified-alfa-romeo-gt-lester-tuning

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