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Volkswagen Jetta 5 tuning by Caractere

07-18-2006, 02:33 PM
We are talking about the car labeled Volkswagen Jetta. As it is used to be by other innovations, also in the case of Volkswagen Jetta there was no need to wait for a long time and a tuning company started to modify it. A company which among others deals with modification of Volkswagens was far the best choice. We are talking about the Belgian company Caractere and about their new finding, Volkswagen Jetta. Let us look together, what they have created:

http://www.tuningmag.net/images/news/caractere_volkswagen_jetta_5_14042006/caractere_volkswagen_jetta_5_text_2.jpg (http://www.tuningmag.net/?name=volkswagen-jetta-5-tuning-caractera)

Read more: http://www.tuningmag.net/?name=volkswagen-jetta-5-tuning-caractera

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