Problematic Albea

07-06-2006, 01:33 PM
I had bought Fiat Albea and I have some problems with that car.
1-I drove it long way, and have had back pain. Iím neurosurgeon and I usually operate spinal disorders and discovered in this car seat, the curvature of seat is not suitable for human backanatomy. I went Fiat Service and told about the problem. They said the seat is OK. There is no problem.
I use car more than 15 years, and used before Toyota and Renault. I havenít had similar back pain in long way.
2-There is some noise during opening of front and rear doors. I have put oil, but the noise is stil there. Servise said it is related with hinge of door and this normal with that car. But is it too uncomfortable. Every friend of mine say that is problem with hinge.
3-Lastly, there was tape in my car. I decided to change with MP3 player. I bought a original pioner MP3 player with 220 YTL (110 Euro). I went to the service to installation for it. They said I should buy a case to do that. I bougt it. Itís color was not suitable for my car. The service colored it. The case is 36 YTl, color price 10 ytl, installation work 10 ytl. Totaly 57 ytl,I paid at 19.05.2006 to Rize Service of Fiat. I discovered later. The watch of car was in original tape apparate. There was no watch the MP3 that I bought. I went again to the service for wath. They said that they have watch and price is 48 ytl.
If you please to note, you will see case (36 Ytl), color price(10 YTL), installation price(11 YTL) and watch (48 YTL) are 105 ytl. (52 Euro. This is haf price of original Piooner MP2 player. Is this normal? I think the price is to expensive.

I wrote my complaints Fiat in this country, 20.05.2006, they called me there day later, and interested to my complaints, but they didnít do anything and Iím writing to you.
I think you will reply to me as soon as possible.
I think to write those problems to car magazines and newpapers in my country and international. Those was created antipathy for Fiat branch.
There is a comliant site in my country. ( In this site there is 86 complaint for fiat cars, and it was reported that only 7 of them was resolved, other 79 is stil waiting for resolving.
Dr.Ayhan Kanat

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