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1979 chateau club wagon help please *Pics*

07-04-2006, 12:23 PM
Hi All,

I bought this van for $250,When i whent to go look at it it started right up and during the test drive felt like it needed a good tune up (10 mile's),so i bought it (REALLY) needing a running car.

So here i go.. :P,2 Miles after i bought it on the way home it died at a light...couldint get it started "for 2 light cycles" ,got it started and it was wanting to die..."keeping very little pressure on the gas peddle kept it running" / was that all the way home untill i turned into my driveway and it quietly died... 30 minutes later i got it started and was only able to keep it running by holding the peddle to the floor...and got it home.Next day i went out and it started up fine but the idle was very rough/after it was warmed up i put it in gear and it died...instantly

over the next week i replaced the fuel pump/fuel filter/cap/roter/sparkplugs/and a fuse for the blinkers:P , i cheacked ALL hose fitting's and cleaned out the EGR.... (i also cheacked the PCV valve...its fine)

after all this i started it up and man was it running GREAT ,i adjusted the idle and it sounded like a new van:P....it even ran while in GEAR!:D

after all that i decided to go for a test drive...put everything back together "EA:air assembily /filter/air hoses/doghouse" and when i started it up after all this it idled like crap again "would run fine in gear/low idle"

started going down my diveway "about 120feet" down it died/would not start...after 30 min or so i got it started and it would die when put in any gear exept nutrual. i did get it moved about 30 feet by FLOORING it and putting it into gear "BAD i know"....what cought my atention while doing this is while it was moveing "the 30 feet" it seemed like it was not fireing on all 8 cylinders + was loseing power every 1 of those 30 feet till it died..

after all this when it starts,and runs a little... and you step on the gas i can hear a "sucking" sound comming from the front of the engine "this is with the doghouse off" as this sound gets louder the engine dies...with not even a "putter" BUT if i feather the gas pedel i can get it running smooth "at idle"

Any idea's ?:P

*PICS ... becouse people have been looking for them... Yup ive read this ENTIRE forum before posting* :)



07-06-2006, 04:30 AM
vacuum leak

Check all the hoses, making sure they are not cracked, missing, incorrectly connected, and properly sealing.
Use a can of carb cleaner to spray around to look for a vacuum leak.

07-06-2006, 05:16 AM
"cracked, missing, incorrectly connected, and properly sealing."

thats what i thought also...THANK YOU for replying... i have this ONE area to cheack tomarro...."front of carb/behind distributer"....that has vacume line comming in and out....etc....

this van has been worked on ALLOT i have 12k worth of recepts ... "engine rebuilt in 1995" etc etc...+ ive found 4 hoses "vacume" hooked to each other+2 vacume tubes on the front of the carb with nothing hooked to them "pluging these with my fingers made the van run even better!...(ive pluged them now with screwes+sealant-getto i know...)

next step is hunting down that sucking sound witch im POSITIVE it relates to the whole problem at hand....i shall attempt tomaro :)

*on main post and this one*


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