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960 Ran Out of Water

07-02-2006, 11:03 AM
My wife drove the 960 out of radiator fluid and the car died on the interstate. We towed the vehicle to her mother's house. After checking the oil (ok) and adding water, it turns but does not start. Whining noise probably the water pump shot - any ideas to start looking?

Oh, by the way... the culprit of the failure was a split reservoir tank cap. A $15 item leads to a $1000+ repair.

09-16-2006, 11:02 AM
Remove the top cover for the timing bolt hopefully it didn't break. Remove the top cover for the engine it uses torx bolts. Using a 1/4 inch drive pull one coil for the spark plug. Leave plugged in and check for spark. If you don't have any spark I would suspect the camshaft position sensor. It is on the back of the camshaft on the pass side. I would check the compression on the cylinder you pull the coil. Use white out and number each coil and using masking tape number each wire for each coil. If you get it running watch closely as you may have blown a head gasket.
I recently changed a head that a friend broke a timing belt. The machine shop charged $600.00 to replace all valves shave it and pressure test it. With replacing the broken AC,oil pump and alt mount it was around $1300 for parts.
This included hauling,alternator,both belts,idler pulleys,mount,oil change,antifreeze,gaskets,a couple of headbolts, tensioner and ect.
Good Luck

12-09-2006, 05:39 PM
I finally have the 960 back in my garage and am now working on it. I added 5 gals of water to the coolant system looking for a leak. The water is coming out of the exhaust pipe. Does this mean the head is cracked? If so, wher can I get a new one?

12-09-2006, 06:45 PM
Most likely it is a cracked head. I saw a remanufactured on http://www.ebay.com for $600.00 + $ 20.00 shipping. The gasket is around $100.00 I also saw one of these on ebay.
It cost me $600.00 to get one repaired but it had all bent valves.
I would pull the head and look at it as a machine shop can repair them if they aren't to bad. Take a flashlight and look closely between the cylinders for cracks. I would attempt to get the head removed and checked at a machine shop and then buy the one on ebay if it costs to much to repair it. You also need to inspect the block for damage.
You can also buy a used one at a scrapyard. Around Atlanta where I live two yards buy 95% of the Volvo's keeping the price high. Be very careful removing the top piece as they crack very easy. Use a plastic mallet and bang around all sides. They have pins which break if you use a screwdriver.
Make sure to mark the camshaft gears and the camshaft if you remove them. They can turn for timing adjustment so use a scribe or two punch marks. Otherwise you might have to go to a dealer.

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