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A great site for Infiniti HOW-TOs and FREE UNLIMITED Picture Gallery!

07-01-2006, 07:58 PM
I think I posted couple of months ago about creating a site where I can put most of the G35 related how-tos and pictures. Well here it is. Check out http://www.auto-talk.net to view latest reviews, news and how to's to all types of cars. Currently I have a few G35 how-to's along with G35. Just wanted to create a site that can be a one stop place for car information.

Now, you can upload pictures at Auto-Talk.net gallery and link 'em on selected friend/partner sites. Exchange weblinks with us and your users are able to upload free, unlimited space and able to link back (hotlink) on your forums and blogs. This is our way of saying thank you for being friend of Auto-Talk.net!

Here is a run down of some of features of Auto-Talk.net Picture Gallery:

i) http://www.Auto-Talk.net

+ FTP-access (available on request)
+ unlimited MB and unlimited files to upload.
+ NO Annoying POP-ups + Services are FREE, never pay.
+ hotlinking allowed for selected partner/friends sites only. (Exchange weblinks with us, your users are able to hotlink to you on your website.)
+ filesize limit 2000x2000 (file is auto-resized if it is larger, larger image size supported on request)
+ Large images are auto resized to 2000 x 2000
+ Medium size (few KBs) image creation for faster browsing and preview purposes and still keeping the original file
+ upload in organized categories of the world cars, automobiles as well as motorcyles. (Don't see an category? Drop us an email or PM, it will be created for you)
+ Files auto resized
+ bbcodes auto-generated for you to use on forums and discussion boards
+ HTML image codes generated for you to use on html pages and / or your blogs in addition to bbcodes.
+ upload 5 files at a time from web based upload page. This will be increased to 10 in the near future.
+ You are able to go back to pictures you uploaded in member galleries or category that you uploaded to...
+ Ability to create your own albums within your "member" galleries in addition to hundreds of other categories available to you.
+ Video files support available
+ Video/movie support for file sizes 16 MB and smaller, will go up to 50 MB in the future. FTP access available upon request.
+ Video file types: .mpeg,.mpg,.avi,.asf,.wmv,.mov
+ Send E-cards
+ Slide shows
+ RSS Feeds
+ Your uploaded files are never deleted
+ Proper title of the picture is required.
+ Only Registered members can upload, registration is FREE and EASY.
+ Just moved to better server and faster connection to accomodate your needs!
+ Free, never pay.

Don't upload anywhere else, your car is way cooler than that. Upload your car and auto pictures at Auto-Talk.net !


10-05-2007, 11:54 PM
What the heck - They aren't any posts in any of the three cars I own. Great site my butt!

04-23-2008, 05:32 AM
I make DIY videos for the G35 and many other cars... would you like to include them on your site?

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