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91 SL? for sale

06-28-2006, 05:08 PM
Not mine, but I've been driving by a supposedly 1991 SL-? that has a for sale sign in the window of $250 for the past 2 or 3 weeks. I just called on it and the guy said he "acquired" it with the property and though it has a clear title, he doesn't have it. Sooooo.... supposedly, it ran... before the tranny was taken off it, a 5 speed which is in the trunk.... point blank, it's a parts car but it seems to be in decent body shape from the road. Windows seem intact and it doesn't look wrecked. It's the light mauve looking color and don't know what the interior is or if it's decent or not. The guy wants it gone and is willing to take an offer of $100 for it if someone is interested.

The guy's name is Jered and his number is 816-405-1120 in Smithville, Missouri. If someone is needing a parts car, this is cheap enough if you're willing to travel to get it.

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