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Aftermarket F430

06-21-2006, 06:04 PM
Which aftermarket company makes the best F430 at the moment.
My only requirement for the Aftermarket company is that the F430 needs to be able to turn sharp corners at high speeds. Drifting

06-29-2006, 05:59 AM
Try Hamann - this company is specialised only for a top-cars. In this article is written: "While front is under weight of wind, making pressure on the front axle, rear axle is pressured under the weight of engine. In this case, Hamann added spoiler (http://www.tuningmag.net/img.php?obrazok=image_source/category_n/ferrari-f-430-spider-tuning-by-hamann/sub_hamann_ferrari_f430_spider/hamann_ferrari_f430_spider_25.jpg) which made F430 more stabile, mostly in fast drives through difficult curves."

So read down:

http://www.tuningmag.net/images/news/ferrari-f-430-spider-tuning-by-hamann/ferrari_f430_spider_text_1.jpg (http://www.tuningmag.net/?name=ferrari-f-430-spider-tuning-by-hamann)


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