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Colt 200 idle problem

06-09-2006, 10:24 AM
I have a 92, Colt 200, 1.5 l, 217k on it,. So, when engine start (in good weather) it's hesitate and need keep around 1000 RPM, when engine is worm, idle work around 500 RPM but hesitate, when engine is hot (after Hwy) idle is good 800 RPM, and working smooth. When weather is cold (winter time) - not idle at all. What is done:
- MAF, TPS, Idle Speed Motor - OK, was tested and double exchanged with simular car,
- Vacuum leak - OK, smoke test done in shop,
- Oxygen sensor, Distributor Cap, Spark Plug - New, changed,
- Throttle Body cleaned,
- K&N filter cleaned,
Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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