How to Get at the Wiper Mechanism?

05-22-2006, 12:19 AM
Something has gone wrong with my wipers. Mechanical, I think. I can hear things working when I switch them on but nothing moves.

Question is how to get at the mechanical part?

Up from underneath I guess. You certainly can't go down through the top.

How we go from underneath? Anyone know? Is it a major job or what?

Any help much appreciated.


ab :

09-06-2007, 11:31 AM
Lets se, you can hear the wiper engine but the wipers doesnít move?

Best thing is lie down on the floor, check up under the panel on the passenger side, and remove the ďcarpetĒ which is mounted with some plastic screws. The engine is actually mounted in the engine room but however stay inside. From the engine, there is one or two metal stick connected to the wipers. This stick also has a wire somewhere to hold everything together. What Iím trying to say, check if the stick havenít jumped off. Can be tricky to piece the sticks together but you need the wipers. Not sure if you need to remove the heat-fan, but its not so many screws and like 4 electric wires and 3 mechanics. Itís like a half days work.

If you cant hear the wiper engine, go outside, give some power directly on the connections, and se if it starts. It can be that it isnít getting minus/earth or what you call it, just place an extra cable on it and the body. IF it starts to work with directly power, then you have to check the lever at the steering wheels. Like 4 screws total.

Good Luck.

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