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Tq Or Hp

05-01-2006, 02:36 AM
I Have A 2004.5 Gli . Today Is The First Day That I Have Actually Raced The Car. Never Knew What It Had Before Today. It Handles Alot Better Than What I Thought That It Could. I Need Some Advice Though. I Don't Know If I Should Get More Hp Or Tq. It's A Street Course. I'm Thinking Tq Because I'm Staying In 2nd Gear The Whole Time And There Are 2 Hair Pin Corners And Everyone Tells Me That They Are Not Worth Down Shifting For. I Need The Easiest And Fastest Way To Get The Power Out Of Those Corners. I Think I'm Okay On The Rest Of The Track. Also, Does Anyone Have Any Advice For The Track. It Was My First Time And Everyone Else Is Running 42's And I'm At High 44's. I've Got To Get Something I'm Racing A Bunch Of Sti's And Camaro's. Theres Even A Lotus. I've Got A Month Until The Next Race So All The Advice The Better. And Does Anyone Else Live In Anchorage That Would Like To Race Or Just Bull Shit Let Me Know. Thanks

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