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94 Prism turns over but no start

04-29-2006, 05:25 PM
This one is a brain buster. My car just stopped running one night while i was driving home. We changed the plugs and it started up, but it had a real bad idle. When the engine is warm, we could not give it an excessive amount of gas, otherwise the engine would just bog down and try to die. But once we got the RPM's up, it ran fine. So we changed the wires, distributor cap and fuel filter. After we changed the fuel filter, i noticed a big difference in the acceleration in low gear. But after a couple miles, it would not accelerate at all. It's like when I tried to give it gas, it would just flood and go no where. So now its dead, it won't start at all, the engine just turns and turns.
I have fuel coming all the way to the fuel rail with plenty of pressure. I have spark in my distributor cap and in the wires going to the plugs. Could this maybe be a timing problem??? 133k miles, timing belt has never been replaced. PLEASE HELP!!!

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