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Foxy Love!

04-07-2006, 01:59 AM
Sorry stupid title. I bought an 87 Fox 2 door today and I love it. It only has a few problems and are all very minor. The first is the fact that my Oil Light is blinking I have owned many vehicles but have never came across a blinking oil light. Now I am not Stupid I checked the oil it is clean and perfectly full. The next problem is I have not been able to find a diagram for the fuse panel and I think I have a burnt out fuse. I have no gage lights nor any lights on my Climate control. Not only that but neither my Tempurature nor my fuel gage is reading any thing it is as if there is no power in the dash besides the idiot lights and the clock(which is one of my favorite parts on the car). I also can't seem to get the windshield wipers to turn off. I finally had to pull out the fuse/relay out to get them to stop. I was driving and hit a switch now they wont turn off.

Thanks for listening to my rambling any imput is good for I am leaving for the coast in 3 days.

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