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95 Prizm Clutch Pedal Feels "Sticky"

04-06-2006, 02:08 PM
Yesterday afternoon I was driving and for the first time, when I pushed down on the clutch and then released, the clutch felt almost like it was a bit sticky. Right after I released it, it wouldn't glide up as nicely as usualy, but the car shifts perfectly fine. I recently had the transmission serviced a couple weeks ago and when they checked the fluids, they said the clutch fluid was full. I also verified this with my own visual check. The car doesn't seem to rev too high or show any signs that the clutch is bad. Sometimes it starts doing it and then for a little while, it will go back to it's normal feel. Does anyone know what this could be or does it not sound like a big deal?

04-08-2006, 02:56 AM
Anyways, no one has said anything, but an update: the clutch took a shit today. It started being weird again today. The clutch felt weird when I would go into first from a stop, then I got to my driveway, put it in first to go up the hill and the damn thing didn't wanna shift. I finally got it in gear and got it up the driveway. It kinda revved high and then I shut it off. When I got back into the car to leave again, I started it but while in gear, it started to rumble and once I tried to put it into reverse or any other gear, it just kept popping back into neutral and then finally it stalled. Ugh...what a nightmare. I am thinking it could have something to do with the cable.

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