04 350z

The LH
03-08-2006, 07:09 PM
I bought a 350Z about 3 weeks ago, and have been doing a lot of research on the car before and after purchase.

I have already replaced the stock wheels and had the windows tinted. But i'm totally stumped on what to do next. Any ideas?

From now, until January I have about $10,000 to play around with.

I was thinking:
Big Brake kit ($2200)
Supercharger ($6000+)
Exhaust ($1500)
Aftermarket Stereo ($2000)
Body Kit ($1200-$2200)

I already know one thing i'm going to do to the car, and that's get it lowered. But I get stumped on how that will work with my wheel clearance, or the body kit i'll add on. Then how will the body kit effect my exhaust that I want?

I'd put some pics on here of my car, but I have no clue how to. So until then, use your imagination of what a black 350Z roadster looks like ;-)

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