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1971 Lotus Europa S2

03-04-2006, 10:04 PM
Hey Everyone!

Was just doing some browsing and came across this forum… I just acquired a 1971 Lotus Europa S2, and am planning on restoring it, a little at a time as I am on a fixed income, and have never attempted such a thing before.

The car is not ‘too bad’… It does run, has new tires on it, but still needs some work… Some bodywork, mechanical work, and the worse of it, interior work.

I guess the first place for a ‘novice’ such as myself, is trying to find some kind of manual for this car, as I no nothing about it what so ever. I was surprised to see rocker type switches on the dashboard, but no labeling as to what they are for. I don’t know if these are original, or if a previous owner installed them.
I figured out most of them, but the lack of labeling, sets me a wondering.

I don’t know much about restoring such a car, but can be a fast learner. I can handle some mechanical work, am going to have to learn about working with fiberglass (for sure), and probably going to have some problem with the interior, as this need most of the work. Some tears in the door panels, door panels loose, a couple tears in the seats, loose gauges in the dash, for sure a new headliner.

I am kind of looking for some advice here… I don’t know how far I should take the restoration of this particular car. I had came across a web site where someone had restored a 1973, investing $30K into restoring it, and was advertising it for sale at $18K. I certainly don’t want to get into the same situation! I had seen other web sites where people had completely broken down such cars, all the way down to the frame, I imagine sandblasting it and repainting or coating it, completely rebuilding the engine, and naturally a body overhaul.

I know that such cars are classics, but there has to be some point where the restoration is going to cost more than the car is worth. Naturally, I would like to fix what needs fixing and get out and start driving it! But being such a classic car, how far should I go with a restoration? I certainly don’t want to get into a position where I am putting more money into the car than it is worth, or making this a life-long project.

I definitely need to find out more about this car before I even start on it! I noticed that there was no rod, arm or support to hold the hood or truck up. I don’t know if these were built like this, or if I am missing such parts… Just ‘a lot’ of little things! I don’t know what is original on this car, or what was aftermarket (I know for sure the Sony AM/FM/Cassette can’t be original…)

Anyway, I could sure use some input and advice here! I think the first order of business is finding some detailed information on this car, such as a manual, so I know what is original, what this is suppose to have that I might be missing, then some sources for parts. Probably some input from anyone that has detailed knowledge about these cars with some advice on what weaknesses the original might have had and what should be replaced, or upgraded, not only for performance, but for safety as well.

Anyone that can lead me to some manual or detailed information on this car, and some sources for parts, please contact me! Your assistance would be appreciated! I guess since I am a novice to using forums as well, probably the best way to communicate with me would be by e-mail.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


03-12-2008, 10:26 PM
My dad has a 1971 Lotus Europa S2 Red

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