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Huge Del Sol meet, Albany NY

03-01-2006, 11:12 AM
Hello everyone, I just signed up here to let all the del sol'ers know that I am hosting a large meet in Albany NY. It will be the weekend of June 9-11th.

The schedule will go something like this:

Friday June 9th.
Arrival, when you show up at the hotel, sign in and drop off your stuff. Once the majority of the people have arrived we will go grab a bite to eat for dinner. Other than that we will most likely just be hanging around the parking lot socializing.

Saturday June 10th
In the early afternoon people can grab some breakfast, then we will head out to Technotic Media Autofest. (details below). We will all drive in a large train to the event which should be a nice little drive. After the day at the show, we can all retreat back to the hotel to relax and socialize some more.

Sunday June 11th
At somepoint we will head over to the dyno. I am still working out details but hopefully it is in the AM so that afterwords people can start to head home.

This is a pretty relaxed meet allowing quite a bit of time to do as they wish. I will be there the entire time to help people find their way to where they want to go.

Hotel Info:

Best Western
617 Plank Rd
Clifton Park, NY 12065
(518) 371-1811

It is immediately off of Exit 9 I-87

We need at least 10 rooms to get the group rate.

The group rate is $84.99 per room per night. We are allowed up to 3 people per room. Each room has 2 beds, but cots will be avalible.

We need at least 10 rooms reserved by june 2nd (one week before) in order to get the group discount.

Show INFO:
The show is hosted by Technotic Media (www.technoticmedia.com (http://www.technoticmedia.com/)) Once they get their sever back up and the autofest site up, then everything will be online. All Del Sols will get a special entrance fee for the show (really really cheap) everyone is invited to show regaurdless of your cars (http://forums.montrealracing.com/showthread.php?p=3348213#) condition. To register for the show you will be required to enter your information and pay online. This is the form i will use to find out: how many people are coming with you, How many hotel rooms you want, Your email address, and your name. You are only to fill out this form when you are 100% sure you are coming.

Dyno info:
Red-line motorsports (http://forums.montrealracing.com/showthread.php?p=3348213#) (http://www.redline-motorsports.net/) is going to call me back sometime this week to let me know exactly how much this will run and what time we will be able to do it. Stay tuned for more information.

I hope to see you all there. Right now we have more than 30 solers planning on coming, I would appreciate if everyone on this site could help me get some canadians down.

Those coming:

ss del sol SI
mike Ormord 94 vtec
mark ormord 97 vtec
ryan lover 94 si
quik sol
Amy del sol
G35 sol

And last but not least, here is a map that you can plug in your area code, and it will show up on the map with you email address. This makes it so that other people can get a hold of you if your on theyre way and you can drive down together. http://www.frappr.com/albanydelsolmeet

If you want to read more about it check around on: Honda-tech.com, Teamdelsol.com, and Solsociety.com


Oh, and one more thing. I am trying to get some more Solers from up north to come, does anyone know some good forums that i could get the word out on?

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