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Running badly... Help please!

02-28-2006, 09:44 PM
I have a 1985 Scirocco Wolfsberg edition... I have had a problem with the way that it has been running for years now. We bought the car from the internet a long time ago, about 3 years I guess. It was not running. An external fuel pump was bought for the rear, because the previous one was frozen. Upon installation it came to life but has not been the same as it once was in the past.

My dad put the pump on and had it running good for a few minutes I guess. It began to run rough. It was flooding out and would only really run at full throttle or somewhere close to that. It was flooding out and fouling out plugs, and would not run correctly for anything. After messing with it and trying different parts for a year or so it sat for a long time. It has been sitting for about 2 years and I just worked on it again today. I put a good fuel distributer out of a junk yard on it, I replaced the plugs, I replaced the injectors, I replaced the cold start valve at the end of the Intake... I replaced the box on the side of the engine that has the fuel lines going into it. I replaced the in tank filter before when we were working on it. we have tried many different distributers.. I even replaced the throttle body today with another one. I have checked the timing belt and even replaced it. Its symptoms after replacing all those parts...

After it was warmed up...
It will not idle. Full throttle has to be applied to even start it to begin with.as long as I keep the rpm's over about 2 grand it does okay. Driving it does okay as long as I keep the pedal pushed some.. but if it does go to an idle it instantly quits. If I un plug the cold start valve at the end of the intake it will idle, but then it wont take gas. It is running better now than it has in the past... but it still is not right. It has so many other new parts on it, that I would hate to get rid of it right now. The paint was fresh when we got it... new radiator... just so many to get frustrated now and watch go away because I can't seem to get it running good enough to drive normally.

Any information anyone could give into something that I havent changed yet would be helpful to hear about. Im running out of parts to change out and see if they work or not.


09-01-2007, 06:20 PM
check vacuum leaks. that was making mine stall when letting off from full throttle to idle.

09-02-2010, 01:18 PM
iIt depends on weather you have CIS or CIS-E (CIS-E has a wires going to the front of the fuel distributer) it could be the fuel pressure regulater witch is inside the fuel dist. on the return fuel line. ake sure the plunger in the fuel dist. isn't stuck though they usually will not start iff this is the case. Thier is also a module on the fuel lines in the back of the fuel dist. with two wires on it ( CIS only!) check that as well.

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