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Projector install/diagram in 98 civic

02-09-2006, 11:05 AM
Ok i bought these headlights as a Temporary fix since my 98 civic had light front end damage and stock headlights was busted up..

I paid $20 bonez on them like i said in great shape for temp headlights..

Well thing is they dont have any wiring to them...There projector Halo headlights..

The main Bulb only has 1 Prong then the projector part has 1 prong also..

Stock bulb has 3 prongs so no way thats fitting on the 1 prong..

So i took a wire tried tapping into one of the stock oem headlight hookups and got nothing from every part...I went out bought 2 new bulbs tried again...I got 1 to flick on then went back off 1 time..

The bulbs are good and all...

Does anyone have any info on which wires i would tap into to get these things to come on...Im about to just go buy OEM headlights and smash the hell out of these, should have just added the extra 40 and got OEM but i was being cheap..

Any info would be appreciated ive looked google,here,HT, few other local forums unless i suck at searching which i prolly do i couldnt find nothing on a diagram or installation it seems everyone of them uses a harness..

thx later

02-09-2006, 08:34 PM
anyone have any idea how to Hardwire these things before i break them into a million ricer peices and pick up a set of OEM headlights...

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