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Brake Light Complications, Need help immediatley

02-07-2006, 05:44 PM
Heres the story. I recently bought a 1995 Accord and for my first modifications I installed a pair of L.E.D Tail lights from TASAUTO.com . Installation was a cakewalk. When I got done I tested the lights, everything worked instead of the damn brake lights. They worked before the aftermarket lights were installed so I figured I must have missed somethin during the install. Everything was hooked up right so the next day I called up TASAUTO and talked to a techie. He said that it was and odd problem and to check the fuses out, and to try a 25-30 amp fuses also since these lights are more powerful than the stocks. So I go to my job " bestbuy " and got my friend at the install bay to check the fuses. He checked the fuse and it was perfectly fine. So he put the same fuse back in and we tested the lights. They Worked! my problems were now over... Wrong! The next day i get in my car, I noticed that the red light from the center brake light was not reflecting of my back window. Back to the drawling board. So I go to back to the job and put a 25 amp fuse in place of the original. I hit the brake and ....Nothing. TAS's guy was wrong. So I pulled the 25 amp fuse out and place the 20 amp back in thinking that would do something. I hit the brake and the lights lit!! so I took my foot off and applied the brake again. Nothing!
Im so puzzled right now. So I go to look at the fuses under the steering wheel thinking there could be somethin blown under there, But the guy who had the car before me lost the fuse diagram box. I dont know what the hell Im even looking at now!!! So now Im stuck, I fear driving my car because the cops hassle me enough for my barely legal tint, so if they find out my brake lights dont work, they have a reason to give me a nice little ticket. So I need help big time. Im not trying to pay big time bucks for a electrician just to run a diagnostic. So please If someone could give me some advice it would be much appreciated. Also if someone could give me a site where they would have a 1995 accord fuse box diagram incase anything happens in the future would also be great too. Thanks in Advance.

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