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Will Not Idle

02-03-2006, 07:45 PM
I Just Installed A New Head Gasket My A 1990 900 Turbo. The New Head Gasket Did The Job. Now The Care Will Not Idle. When I Test Drove It, It Ran Great. As Soon As I Let The Rmp's Get Below 1500 It Stalls And Sounds Like It Has A Miss. The Engine Idled Before I Did The Head Gasket Job. I Hear A Whinning Noise When I Accelerate Hard Also. Sounds Like It's Coming From The Aic Valve. I'm Sure I Did Something Wrong.

Any Suggestions Would Be Greatly Appriciated. Also The Bottom Hose Coming Off The Aic Valve; Does It Go To The Top Or The Bottom Fitting On The Throttle Body?


02-14-2006, 07:13 PM
sounds like either a huge vacuum leak or your cam timing is off. it is VERY easy to get your cams out of time if you dont have a lot of experience with these cars. as for the aic(what is that?) do you mean IAC =idle air control? there are two large hoses that go to the throttle body. there is a front one and a rear one, so i dont know what you mean by top or bottom. look ot for a crack in the little hose on the back of the throttle body that goes to the canister close valve.if that hose breaks it causes all kinds of issues and codes p0171, p1171.
i still think the biggest reason is your cam timing. take the valve cover off and recheck where your cam arrows point. they should line up about a half a millemeter before (to the rear of the car) the little triangle on the cam cap. they dont lineup perfect and newbies always goof them up. if you have it to the front of the triangle, you need to do it over again. make sure you have the crank mark in the middle of the marks on the timing cover. release the timing chain tensioner, adjust the chain and gears where they line up just behind the triangles. insert the base of the tensioner and tighten it down. insert the guts for the tensioner and tighten it down. roll the cams towards the back of the car about 20-30 degrees. you should hear the tensioner click as you do this. use a couple of 18 or 19 mm wrenches to turn the cams at the opposite end that the gears fit to. line up the crank notch again. perfectly in the middle of the two marks. look at your cam gear marks. they should be just behind the triangles. (or towards the rear of car). this should fix the idle problem.

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