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I gave my ML320 Back

02-02-2006, 02:06 PM
On Monday I purchased a 2002 ML320. It appeared to be a nice car with 60K on the clock. I excitedly took it home. Tuesday morning I looked at the ML forum and my heart sunk. I began thinking "What have I done?". I made a call to a friend on mine who has had 5 ML and has a 2006 ML500 which Mercedes replaced his 2005 ML500 with for no charge because of the problems he had. I though "Hummm, I know I'll purchase a 4 year extended warranty on the ML I bought". I thought it would offer me some protection against what appears to be some whopping repair bills. I couldn't find a 4 year extended warranty. The best I could find is a 3yr warranty for $ 5900.00. My stomach is now churning and churning. My friend who has owned 5 MLs further stated he "would never buy an ML that was out of warranty". I am now ready to choke. I called the dealer I purchased the ML from and asked to trade it for a 2002 Infinity QX4. Basically, it was an even swap. Oh, I did purchase a 4 yr 100K extended warranty for $1900 on the Infinity. I am really dissappointed and so is my wife. We have both like the MLs, but I can't chance the cost of repair or the time needed to maintain. The ML looked great, rode nice, etc. only initial problem was the radio, for no reason would get louder then softer.
Thanks to your forum I think I have piece of mind again.

02-02-2006, 05:36 PM
Well I can't say I blame you. The ML had it's problems early on, and I truly think most of the problems in the new ones were due to people buying trash over the internet that had been neglected or pieced together. That extended warranty price seems pretty outrageous. If a dealer has to have 6 grand to stand behind their vehicle I say to H%^! with them. I think you have a nice vehicle now too. Infinity is my inlaws "holy grail" of vehicles. Between you and me the ML looks pretty lame in the styling department, the QX blows it away.

12-18-2008, 12:40 AM
"I exposed my silver ML320 to almost every imaginable on-road and off-road situations. From daily commutes and long fast highway trips, to exhausting expedition style travel and finally the infamous Rubicon Trail, my ML320 experienced a wider variety of situations than most SUV's will ever encounter. Admittedly it has it's limits, but there are only very few (off-road) places where I would rather use my Mercedes-Benz 300GD. So far the ML is the most impressive combination of off-road talent and safest sedan comfort one could imagine. Besides, no SUV before had such a big fun-factor built in. Driving my ML320 makes me smile from ear to ear - every day!"

---I guess this disproves the myth about the greatness of Mercedes.

12-18-2008, 01:29 AM
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