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02-01-2006, 02:09 AM
Hey guys, im new to the forum, but it seems like theres alot of knowledge here so yous might be able to help me out. I just recently picked up a Daihatsu Handivan, but this is only its Australian name, in England its known as a Domino, and apparently everywhere else its known as a Cuore. Its 2-door, 2 seater, with a big empty area going all the way back to the hatch. Its a 1984 model.

Basically, im making my own bodykit for it, welding up all the rust, spraying it myself, and dropping in a new engine. It weighs next to nothing, with 4 of us being able to lift the entire car. Its apparently 660cc, and 40bhp, so i figure if i can get 100hp it will be very quick.

What i need to know is, what engines will fit in without a massive amount of work? will a charade engine fit, whether it be the 1.0L or the 1.3L. Would a charade turbo 1.0L fit? i also intend on whacking on a SC-12 Toyota Supercharger, or a SC-14 off a 4AGZE. I know going Turbo + S/C is complicated, but thats the plan, but all i need for now is to get a new engine and gearbox in there and i'll worry about that later. So basically, what engines will fit? I'd prefer not to modify engine mounts, but am willing to, but the main thing is that i'd preferably not move the firewall back.

Thanks guys, hope to hear a response soon.

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