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01-30-2006, 10:42 PM
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I sent this to FORD and GM, so they have been told. This proves they want our fuel consumption to stay they way it is!

How do you build such a car? The fact of the matter is that internal combustion cars are only about 25% thermally efficient. 75% of the heat energy goes into the radiator. That is a terrible waste. How would a car company use this energy more efficiently?

1)External combustion
a)Using a modern flash boiler system means that a larger boiler carrying many gallons of water is not needed.

I. Modern mono-tube boilers need only about 3-5 gallons of water. Only a small percentage of this is actaul steam. They are less likely to explode as they use less volatile fuels. Modern steam generators for automotive use are constructed in such a way that in case of a rupture they have vary little water at the saturation point, preventing an explosion.

II.The boiler could pick up as much as 1200 degrees of heat coming off the exhaust manifold. That would be more than 800 lbs of pressure. Very useful

III. The boiler could be wrapped by the exhaust header(s) soaking up the heat and help catalytic converter light-off by being heated up by use of a electric element.

IV. If a steam engine is used in combination with a diesal the transmission could be deleted or switched to a centrifugal clutch allowing direct drive. Direct drive and lock up clutching allow for better fuel economy and less weight which helps economy also.

The engine without a transmission could sit low and back for excellent handling. If combined further with an electric motor the gasoline engine could be throttled back to the point that it merely generates heat and the air/fuel ratio is leaned out quite a bit further improving economy. Another idea is to include a small transmission. And have each component able to couple/decouple. That would allow a electric motor to drive the car until the batteries where depleted

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