power shortage r33 gtst

01-11-2006, 03:22 PM
heys guys i m lookin for help . i av a 1997 r33 gts-tfor over a year trouble free, except for the time i thrashed through my neighbours picket fence backwards,but thats beside the matter at hand .recently at just under 5000 rpm on the full song (flat out) in mostly 2 nd and 3rd gears for about three second s she struggles and splutters like she s loosing power but pulls through it .. i recently fitted a hks fuel pump so i know its not that, and when this first started happening i changed the plugs incase one or more of the were dead but that has nt sorted it, i m wondering is it the coil pack os packs if so can anyone one tell me how to measure the resistance of them and what value should a healthy coil pack be? would appriciate any help thanks for listening/reading.

05-11-2006, 06:20 PM
Your new fuel pump is probably causing your a over fueling issue not at all uncommon with the standard ECU on an RB25DET try regapping your plugs to 0.8 if that doest work a air/fuel computer like the apexi safc or aftermarket ECU like Power FC will probably fix your problem.

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