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COolant Temperature sensor

12-20-2005, 12:26 AM
I just had the serpentine belt replaced and the O2 Sensor. I was told that the temp sensor got burnt out and needs replacement. The temp gauge is stuck all the way up to past the red line on the dash. THe mechanic checked the temp and said it was running normal, and to replace the sensor. The catch is that the sensor he said to replace is not the part that Autozone gave me for the coolant temp sensor. The mechanic says that one has two connectors and is for the fan. The one I am looking at to replace via the advice of the mechanic is one with just one connector. Problem is autozone and FOrd parts people say the temp sensor has two connectors (contacts), not just one. I am simply trying to save fifty dollars here and do it myself-- but the experts are not agreeing-- and I dont have a shop manual. SO where is the temp sensor and where is the fan temp sensor for the 1998 Mystique? Thanks--

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