Skoda Fabia Silverline Estate

12-16-2005, 11:12 AM
In Jan 2004 I purchased a brand new Skoda Fabia estate. Since purchase it has been off the road for five weeks last year with a piston problem. It has just come back today from a 20000 mile service. Also so far it has had four rear windscreen wiper blades fitted last one three weeks ago. it wipes but has a wide bar in the centre of the arc. Also two sets of front wipers fitted during my ownership . According the the dealer the arms are ajusted ok but it still doesn't wipe properly. The front wipers have not been replaced at the service even though they still streak

Tried the old cleaning method"Vinegar and paper" but to no avail. Any suggestions short of sticking it in the river thames. Is this the normal Skoda service/Quality? Skoda customer Services seem not to care much either.


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