Windscreen washers and wipers

12-05-2005, 04:53 AM
Hi. I am new to this web-site and so hope I am doing this right!!

A few months back my windscreen washers just suddenly stopped working. There was no noise when you pulled the lever back and obviously no water from the washers. I assumed that maybe a fuse had gone, or at worst the pump and so did not panick to get fixed. However, just recently my wipers went on the blink and even when switched off, they would not stop. This, along with no washers, became a big problem. I took it to a local garage, where they got the wipers working again, by apparently just cleaning some contacts, but even after cjanging the washer pump, they could not get them working again. After having the car for 3 days, they say they had looked into it and discussed with some friends at Rover and they are now telling me that it looks like it might be the 'Brain unit' causing both problems? Apparently Rover 75s have a common problem where the 'Brain' gets damp and causes this type of issue? In order to get to this 'Brain', they say they have got to take out the glove compartment and then the dash and it is going to be expensive. Since being informed this and going away to consider, my wipers have packed up again.

I know nothing about cars at all and so would ask if anyone could offer any advise on the above, I would be very greatful.
Just one last piece of information that may help, is that when I lifted the bonnet to just see if I could see anything obvious, where the 2 front washers go through the bonnet, the back cover appeared to be burnt!!

Many thanks

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