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kart control

12-04-2005, 02:44 PM
I was just wondering what kind of tricks i could emplay to keep a kart on the road if it has, say, two homemade turbine engines on the back providing thrust. are there any spoilers designed for gokarts? i need front and back.

I'm planning on building a twinturbine (not twinturbo) engine that runs on diesel or kerosene with a custom afterburner, not a conventional afterburner, it's something a bit different.

The engines would be a set of two turbochargers from BIG diesel engines (not a sissy 5.9L cummins diesel, oh no, i'm talking a massive diesel from a mechanical shovel). they would feed eachother (one compressor to the others turbine) and have a combustion chamber between them (between each compressor and turbine). and it would also have a big fan on the front pushing even more air around the turbine keeping the turbine itself cool and providing more thrust. of course the fan would be shielded and it would direct the air to the back and the exhaust would be in the center.

Now for the afterburner, it would make use of all the air present, the air being pushed around the turbine and the air in the exhaust, fuel would be injected into the exhaust and it would ignite, and i could use all of the air there. now this would be all fine and dandy but i also want to use nitrous in the afterburner. now you may be wondering why i don't just inject it in the combustor and add more fuel there. well that would be more efficient if i could do that but there's a matter of temperature, i can't exceed 1200 or 1500 degrees or the turbine blades will melt so i have to use the afterburner. the way i see it, this engine running at full throttle with the afterburner blazing will melt the end of the pipe and send molten metal backwards (which is why i'll never race this thing, i'm just building it for fun and demonstrations).

Now this is why i need downforce, I want to be able to use my brakes and turn if i need to and if this thing's making lift i won't be able to.

Does anyone know of a company that makes front and rear spoilers for gokarts or at least spoilers that are no larger than 3ft wide?

2.2 Straight six
01-03-2006, 04:18 AM
no offence, but if you can build all the turbine/afterburner equipment can't you build your own spoiler, or just buy a ricemobile spoiler, cut to length an bolt it down., alternatively have the outlet of the afterburner angled slightly upwards, that way its pushing you down and forward, giving you th thrust and putting "artificial" downforce onto the rear wheels, then add some fins or spoilers to the front end an you'll have front end downforce, but you'll need to be doing over about 100mph to product downforce with a spoiler on a go kart, they're so light usually the weight of kart + drivre is enough to keep it down.

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