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1986 saab 900

12-02-2005, 07:12 AM
Hi,I recently bought my 1986 saab 900(cheap)had all the body work done,it looks great.I was driving it last week and the clutch went to the floor and stuck.I hit it hard with my foot...it came up again and stuck there.I took it to my mechanic(who does'nt usually work on foreign cars,but has been working on mine).My mechanic said the clutch goes down very slowly...looks like the clutch is gone,the car starts up great,the gear shifter goes thru the gears,without use of the clutch ,but it's like being stuck in neutral,it does'nt engage in any of the gears.Has anyone had this problem with the saab 900,it has my mechanic stumped.I will appreciate all replys.Please reply before my mechanic replaces everything(very hard on the wallet):).Thank you...saabfan

05-15-2006, 04:17 AM
I'd suggest a replacement of the clutch slave cylinder, but if the brake fluid is cloudy or dark, I'd say that you needed another master cylinder..., sorry to say on either account.
A few suggestions for replacement parts are : www.saabsite.com/...,www.eeuroparts.com/ ..., and www.saabsavior.com. Shop between the three to get the best price, though if you contact "John" at Saab Savior, use the phrase "the profit is in the referral" when you speak or e-mail him.

05-15-2006, 08:35 PM
Hi,You really know your stuff! I had to have the master cylinder and the clutch slave cylinder replaced.My car is running great but the other day I accidently spilled some pepsi into the ignition(the lid wasn'nt on tight )since then the ignition is wanting to stick,after I wiggle the key a bit it starts did I damage anything?Is there any way I can clean it or should I leave it alone and hope for the best?Thanks so much for your reply,it's much appreciated. Jo

05-15-2006, 11:17 PM
Glad to hear that you got the clutch sorted out, as for dumping Pepsi on the ignition cylinder..., that's a no-no.:nono: Pick up a can of CRC "QD" Electronic Parts Cleaner at a local auto parts store and give the ignition a good hosing down with it.
The "QD" of the name stands for Quick Drying, though it would'nt hurt to have a hair dryer handy to speed the process, though it does evaporate pretty quick.
After you get it all cleaned and the Pepsi gunk out of it, give it a couple small squirts of some silicone spray to lubricate it as the "cleaner" will remove all traces of lubricant (and misplaced soda).
Wiggle the ignition a couple times after each little squirt of the silicone to spread it though the cylinder's mechanism and you should be good to go.:bigthumb:
Oh..., be sure to disconnect the battery cable first to avoid shorts.:wink:

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