Any Axxess Issues???

11-25-2005, 03:35 PM
Hi, I'm seriously considering purchasing a 1992 Axxess. The Dealer says its RWD but I think they don't really know that its a 4WD. Its Auto, has 235,000 Klms, has similar stuff like an SE and is priced at $2,995 right now.

I really think the Dealer is Clueless on this one...

Question??? What can be expected in terms of Maintenance and Major Repairs for this vehicle???

I'm hoping to pick it up for less than $2,700.


12-06-2005, 08:13 PM
OK I got one!!!!

1992 Axxess SE AWD Auto. It has 360,000 Klms but Runs and Handles like a Dream! I had BCAA check it out and other then simple repair/maintenance stuff it check out Great!

My Plans???

#1 - Braking & Handling - Any suggestions?
#2 - Power - I believe the engine is the KA24E? - Is there a Turbo that Fits???
#3 - Stereo - nothing too wild I have 3 kids and need the trunk.
#4 - Gfx - Intercooller Hood Scoop, and Flared Fenders.

Thanks in advance for checking out my message :smokin:

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