problem with quattroporte tire...

11-24-2005, 09:57 AM
We jus got a new quattroporte a few months ago...and 2 nights ago my wife was driving home in it and got a flat. I took the tire off of the car and the whole back side of the tire was completly shredded. I looked as though something was rubbing up against it and the tire jus got ripped apart. We called maserati and sent the car in (Shelton Maserati of Ft. Lauderdale). They told us that it was our fault that the tire was destroyed becasuse it was natural wear and tear. We have had the car for only a few months and the tire jus doesnt happen. So they want us to pay for the new tire..but i dont trust the car at the moment...does anyone know what the hell happened??? :eek7: :eek7:

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