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Gas Gauge problem!

11-22-2005, 10:41 AM

I have a 2000 Mercury Mystique that has been causing me plenty of problems in the last few months.

First, I had a problem where the car would stall/ act like it was running out of gas once it got past a quarter tank of gas. When it was above 1/2 tank of gas, it ran perfectly fine. Coulsn't afford almost $300.00 to replace fuel pump, so decided to clean Air Mass Flow sensor and changed the fuel filter-which was clogged. That has seemed to stop that problem for now.

Then, my check engine light stayed illuminated all the time. Put it on a diagnotsic scanner, and it was the intake temperature sensor. Replaced that and my car seemed to run fine.

Now, upon driving to work yesterday, my check engine light came on again. When I looked down at my gas gauge, it quickly dropped from a full tank of gas to past 1/2 tank. Pulled over at gas station and checked for gas leak-didn't see one. Popped the hood and the car smelled hot. Temperature gauge in my car doesn't work in my car might I add, so didn't realize car was begining to overheat. Took car to be put on diagnostic again, and it now is aying that it is the Coolant sensor. Could this be happening due to overfilling my overflow tank with anti-freeze, overfiling the powerstearing fluid, or is my gas gauge going crazy due to the car overheating or is it the fuel pump? Or should I just trade in the damn car?

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