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1996 saab 900 clutch replacement

11-08-2005, 08:22 AM
I HAVE A 1996 SAAB 900 WHOSE CLUTCH HAS FAILED AT 151k. NOT BAD. I am mechanical but attempted to dismantled the car to replace the clutch without a manual. All went well except the right axle will not separate from the intermediate shaft and I definitely goofed on the separation of the shift selector. I have been tapping on the axle with no result...can I hit it harder without damage? And how do I reinstall the shift selector and have proper shift performance? The undercarriage is out and so are the struts so there is lots of room. Thanks for t he help!

11-08-2005, 02:32 PM
i like to use a large rubber deadblow and whack the differential area near the axle seal. be carefull though. i have seen the right intermediate shaft worn and seized into the differential assembly. hope this isnt the case with yours. you are going to replace the clutch cable, input shaft seal, axle seals, and shift shaft seal right? there is a new tranny oil for those too. it is pn mtf0063 at the saab dealer. i hear it is just redline synthetic manual tranny fluid. it works great. if you really like the car, you can update the clutch to a new-style hydraulic system. it replaces the ultra-crappy cable. you just bolt on a new slave, master, hydr. lines. it is a bit of work, but well worth it to me. if i had an older 900, i would do it no matter the cost. i have had so many bad experiences with those clutch cables. good luck.

11-08-2005, 05:09 PM
Keith...thanks for the quick response. The problem with the right drive axle is that it will not separate from the intermediate shaft so I can loosen the shaft bearing and remove it from the transmission. The bearing feels free and without any noise, so I don't think that is an issue. I tried a prybar, but there is no good place to get leverage except the engine case...not cool., and I tapped it lightly with a medium ballpene hammer. Can I upsize the hammer and tap while rotating the axle and shaft or should I just loosen the bearing support and pull the whole thing out as a unit...no struts in the way.
Also, I think I really messed up the shift deal as well. I think I locked it in fourth gear...but that is all I did properly. I know what I did wrong, but I need help putting it back together correctly. I LOVE the car and plan on passing it to my 16 year old this spring. With a new clutch, cable, seals, struts and related strut hardware, I am almost past the value of the car, so I think a hydrolic clutch is not going to happen...although a great suggestion. Thanks for your help!

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