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Custom Headlights

10-20-2005, 03:27 AM
I need some help. I'm doing a "996t'' convertion to my 986. So far I have the front bumper cover compliments of the guys over at Ruf Texas (Ruf RGT), in the process of getting the front side panels to accomodate the 996t headlights, and just yesterday got my 996t headlights. What I REALLY, REALLY need is someone with the know how to clear them out just like the one on the edo ( http://www.edo-competition.net/ ) "yellow bird" GT2. I em'd them but my German is won veg and their english isnt quite perfect so we don't always see eye to eye in our em's. I know it's popular with the import guys. Plz don't make me ask any of my "ricer" freinds... "Hey you know how you cleared out yer lights on yer '01 Civic with the unpainted body kit? Yeah I wanted to know if you could um come by later maybe after work or something and see if we can do that to my Porscha." Any help would be SUPER!!!!

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