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Ok, the purpose of this Thread is to serve as place for new members to this Forum to use as a general guide for links, questions and comments dealing with Performance/Visual modifications of the RD1 and RD2 Tiburon. I have spent a good amount of time sifting through all 33 Pages of past Threads within our Tiburon Forum, as well as searched out info and a handful of links aquired from general search as well as other Tiburon forums…(I just put the info here, so you wont have to go to the other Forums. Makes life much easier.) Anyways, new drivers come here on a regular basis, start up a new thread asking what Mods can be done, which can get kind of repetitive. Not their fault necessarily, but that’s what is trying to be accomplished in this thread. Answering all those similar questions in one place. I have not come anywhere close to listing all the possible routes to take with your car, but this should set you in the right direction. If there is something I failed to include, or you have another Link or bit of information you wish to include, feel free to do so.
~‘I just bought my (97-01) Tiburon and was just wondering what kind of parts I can put on, or what I can do to increase the Performance of my car?’

That is the question that seems to get asked the most, but most of the answers pertain to the GK/GT V6 models. Well everything in this thread that is discussed deals with RD1/RD2 models alone. To answer that question though, basically what you can do to increase HP and performance depends on how much you are willing to spend, how much of a gain you want, and how much time you are willing to put into Researching certain aspects so you do not end up junking your engine in the process of building. The basic and simplest mods that most people start out with are part of the Intake and Exhaust System, CAI and Catback Setup and usually Headers as well. Below I will try to list some of the major upgrades that can be done….I apologize in advance if I missed something, after all, I am still learning myself.

*(Just a little note, for those who are mechanically numb, here is the basic concept broken down. Better Intake=More Air….Better Exhaust=More Waste Fumes Released….Better Fuel=Bigger Boom. The Boom is what powers the engine.)

Induction System: *Short Ram Air (SRA) or Cold Air Intake(CAI)~~CAI being the most advantageous of the two. *Bigger Bored Throttle Body(BBTB)*Port/Polish Intake Manifold to match BBTB.
~~The engine can only take in as much Air as the smallest opening in your induction system. Keep that in mind.~~

Exhaust/Headers: *Up Size Exhasut Pipe (Stainless Steel/Mandrel Bent is of highest qualities) from Catalytic Converter back (Catback) *Performance Muffler *New exhaust 4:1 Headers
~~The less bends in the Catback piping will allow for higher amount of free HP.~~

Fuel System: *Performance Fuel Filter *Higher CC Injectors *Replacement Fuel Management Controller/System (FMC) *Metal Braided Fuel Line Hoses

Ignition/Wiring: *Irridium Tipped Spark Plugs *Thicker Gauge Plug Wires *Replacement Ignition Coils *Replacement Ignition Controller.

Transmission: ~~Manual Tranny~~ *Short Throw Shifter (STS) *Increasing Staged Clutch Kits (Ceramic, Organic, Kevlar clutch plate materials.) * Light Weight Flywheel/Pullys *Replacement Shift Cable *Shift Assembly Gasket Kit

Suspension: *Shocks *Lowering Springs *Struts *Front/Rear Sway Stabilizing Bars
~~Many different levels, heights, absorbantcy when dealing with Suspension. Ranges from simple Lowering springs, to the costly Coilovers. Just need to look around.~~

Brakes: *Ceramic Performance Pads *Bigger Slotted/Ventilated Rotors and Calipers *Metal Braided Brake Line Hoes

Forced Induction (FI): *Turbo Kit *Nitrous Oxide Kit (NOS)
~~This is one everyone questions. I may be wrong, but I don’t think that there is a SC kit for RD model Tiburons. There is quite a bit of attention to detail needed when deciding to go FI. I found an exerpt from another Tiburon forum and posted it here. The questions he asks are, in my opinion, very good questions that you should pose to yourself before going on and jumping into a Turbo Kit purchase.~~

Cooling System: *Light Weight Aluminum Radiator *Coolant Hoses *Intercooler (Usually included or is purchased with a Turbo/SC Kit.) ~~All this power produces mass heat in the Engine. Cooling is a must to keep upgraded alongside of all other Modifications.~~

~~This was the excerpt regarding Turbo being put in a 2000 Tiburon, but could apply to all RD years.
Quoted by RD Tiburon Forums user DJALKYD :

“………*Do you know how to set the timing on your car?

*Do you know the reasons for hotter/colder plugs or what they look like?

*What are you gonna use for fuel management?

*I am not familiar with the kit you are buying and i am not sure of your main goal but to give you an idea of what else you are gonna need to run your car would be :

-MSD-DIS-2 for ignition timing and better spark
-S-AFC or equivilent for fuel/air management

*Along with fuel, i see you want to reach 15psi of boost, what injectors are you gonna run to keep enough fuel in.

*Lets talk about plugs, 2 heat ranges colder for up to 15psi which denzo iridium makes a real good plug, i am also a big NGK fan.

*How about plug wires that wont fail under the heat conditions the turbo will put out.

*Then engine cooling, thinking about heat. are you running stock fans or does the turbo kit come with new fans?

*You said you could hook all this up yourself, how would you put your bov? would you recirc it or vent it and why?

*I see you already thought about a clutch, as for axles, i will have word as soon as mine come back. there is a place here in orlando called gator axles. i know he beefs them up but i am gonna try and see if he will make them to order instead of us sending them in and waiting.

*Lets talk about your new pistons. what kind are they, what are they made of and what compression ratio are they said to be?

*Let me take one guess, 8.5-1 cast right? if they are, without boost, your gonna hate them.

*Why did you get rods? what is your major power goal? stock rods could handle more than you could throw at them without the use of a stand alone fuel management system “

~~I know that we are not supposed to post up links that direct users Away from our forum, but I think this could be useful to anyone wanted all around info strictly about Turbo in Hyundai vehicles, and for that reason alone. If either Moderator objects, it can be removed.~~

Turbo’d Hyndais


~~The remaining portion is just a short list of web sight links covering majority, if not all of the Performance Parts mentioned above.

Import Shark: CAI. Catback System, Suspension Coilovers, STS, Flywheel, Body Kits, Int/Ext Accessory parts.

Shark Racing: Exhaust, Headers, BBTB and a few more various Performance and Accessory parts.

K-SPEC: CAI, Headers, BBTB, Plugs/Wires, Cam/Pully, STS, Struts/Shocks, Ext. Lighting and a few more various parts.

Fly Ryde: CAI, Suspension, Rotors, Headlights, Bodykits.

Hyundai Performance: Unknown content due to the fact that my lazy ass didn’t feel like making a login name. I am sure they should have something of interest.

Sports Compact Only: Various parts ranging in all modification areas.

Perfect Power: ECU, MSD-DIS-2, SAFC, Piggy Back Units and other various computer controlling devices. (Do not have any personal experiences with this company, other than what I found in other RD Forums.)

--APC, B&M Racing, Brembo, Concepto Designs, Eibach Springs, Evo Fusion Designs, Haltech, HKS, H&R Springs, Intrax Suspension, Veilside, Zefiro, Perfect Power, R-Side, Shark Racing--

~The above is a listing of a few of bigger name Manufacturers for Performance Modifications that you may run across, but by far, not all of them. Just have to look around. May take a little while to find what you are looking for, but it is out there and hopefully this thread provides some sort insight. Any comments, questions and/or additions feel free to post up or email me at MCAR482@Hotmail.Com~ :smokin:

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definitely a good start!
excellent work right there...
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