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'90 Premier tension pully / water pump issues

09-22-2005, 12:35 PM
I'm curious if anyone knows how to properly access and replace the water pump's bearing and associated seals. After replacing all 3 tension pulleys 1 after the next within a 2-month period, the bearings on my water pump are now worn out as well. I can't complain with 180K miles, but if anyone ever has 1 tension pulley go bad, do yourself a favor and replace all 3 simoultaneously. In removing the water pump, the biggest headache was detaching the metal tube that ran the entire length of the V6 beneath the manifold to the back of the engine. The tube was sweated to the pump, so all ~1.5' of it had to come out WITH the pump! Now removed, I've had no luck getting the pulley off with my tri-armed puller. When I find the proper size allen wrench socket (my set wasn't precise enough), I'll try removing the back cover.

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