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URGENT: Casting Call for a Universal Studios Motion Picture

09-17-2005, 08:09 PM
<font color="blue"><b>THE CASTING CALL IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you for all the submissions.</b></font>

Please read below.

<font color="red"><b>** UPDATE **</b></font>

We want to thank everyone who has made a submission. We have received hundreds of submissions over the past two days, and Universal has asked us to keep them coming!

<b>Please continue to spread the word. All submissions will be directly forwarded to Universal for review - they need more!</b>

<b><font color="red">** URGENT **</font></b>

Dear AF ladies and gentlemen,

With very little time to spare before the shooting of the movide begins, we have been contacted by John Wiser of the Universal Picture Car Deperatment for "The Fast and the Furious 3" to aid them seek out more vehicles for the movie.

They are looking for <b>as many right-hand-drive vehicles as they can possibly find</b>. No matter the make/model or the condition, there will be a good chance that your RHD car will end up in the movie.
<img align="right" src="http://www.itouchplc.com/itouch/images/universal.jpg"; border="1">
They are also looking for overall good-looking modified cars (preferably RHD but LHD also acceptable).

There is special demand for VIP type cars (dropped and modified Infiniti Q45, Toyota Chaser, etc.) and super-modified mini-vans. But again, we want to emphasize that you should absolutely contact us if you have a RHD vehicle of any type.

If selected, you will be compensated for use of the vehicle and they will not abuse the vehicle at any time.

<b>Please help us spread the word about this casting call - click here and send this page to a friend:</b>

<b>We absolutely require one photo (maximum of two) of the car</b> (especially the side view). Please include a link to your photograph(s) in your submission.

<b>Please be sure to include the location of the vehicle</b>. Southern California is strongly preferred, but we will look at vehicles from anywhere between San Francisco to San Diego. As the cars will need to be in Los Angeles for shooting of the movie, submissions from out of state are not reasonable unless you are willing to bring the car to LA for an extended period of time at your own expense.

<b><font color="red">** IMPORTANT **</font></b>
Format of the message you need to send us:

Your Name
Vehicle Year Make Model
Specify RHD or LHD (right hand drive or left hand drive)
Your Address
Link to a photograph of the car


Bob Carguy
2000 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
2134 Mystreet Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90421

If you would like to enter a vehicle, please contact us via the form below in the format noted above:

Please select <b>"Casting Call FF3"</b> and type in <b>your vehicle steering wheel side(LHD or RHD) year make model (such as "LHD 2003 Nissan 350Z")</b> in the Subject line.

<b>If you do not follow the format laid out above, your vehicle information will NOT be received by Universal. This is an automated process.</b>

09-17-2005, 11:26 PM

Please follow the submission guidelines noted above. We need your location, a photograph per car, and whether each car is RHD or LHD.



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