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95 Concorde Turn Signal/Hazards Flasher Unit

09-06-2005, 10:01 AM
Where is the flasher unit located on the 1995 Concorde. Both turn signals and hazards went out. Checked both fuses and both were OK (In fact replaced them with new ones to make sure). Kept looking for the silver round one that is lcoated in most cars but found on the web that this car has a black plastic square one. Can't find it though. It is not in either of the fuse boxes (inside the car or under the hood) Also checked under the dash and don't see it there, unless I am missing it. Where is it?

09-06-2005, 01:29 PM
Nope they are not silver and round, these have electronic flashers installed in them

Remove the black panel from under the driver's side dash (heater duct) and look for a white plastic box between the column and the parking brake, the flasher is a square shaped and about 3" long and made of black plastic like you found out with a 4 or 5 wire harness connection hooked to it (also black), you will need a small screwdriver or a key to slip in between the flasher and it's mount to unclip it and it will slide off the mounting tab. Aftermarket Flashers will not have the mounting slots for remounting, you may need to get a replacement from the dealer or a used one at a wrecking yard if you want to mount the replacement in the same location. Be aware that some models have 4 terminals (usually 93-94 models) and others have 5 terminals (95-up), get the replacement with the correct number of terminals as they do not interchange. I included some digital shots of mine in my LHS but they are in the same location for the Concorde too, might be a little fuzzy but should give you an idea on what you are looking for.

The panel that must be removed to gain access

And the flasher. Note mine is a 4 wire, yours may or may not be a 5 wire.

09-20-2005, 03:44 PM
Thank you...found it. Turned out it wasn't the flasher at all but that a wire was diconnected from the battery...the Chrysler Dealer charged me $70 to show this to me and connect it back up. Will know better next time. Thanks again.

09-04-2020, 01:28 AM
Hey im having the same problem, replaced both fuses and the relay twice in case i bought a bad one but still wont work. Could you show or tell me where i can find the cable that was disconnected for you? Thanks

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