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Packard Twelve to go Public

09-03-2005, 07:22 AM
It seems as though Packard is now going through the finalizing checks of making sure the Packard Twelve complies with current safety regulations as well as ensuring build quality.

Despite the fact that there is going to be a speed limiter for 160mph the large AWD sedan will still be able to go 0-60 in 4.8 seconds thanks to the aluminum space frame chassis.

Packard hopes to set a the cost of this car at $100k.

More information can be found here. (http://www.automotive-technology.com/projects/packard/)

Is it just me or in some ways does it look like a modern iteration of the Tucker Torpedo?

03-07-2009, 04:03 AM
WHA? I thought they gave up on that and want to sell the company. It even says so on their website http://packardmotorcarcompany.com (http://packardmotorcarcompany.com)

The owners of Packard Motor Car Company are offering the Company for sale. Assets include the Packard Automobile Name Trademark, the Packard V-12 running prototype, engineering data and photo files, and spare parts and toolage.

Ah I see this post was made in 2005... that news was posted May 10 2007
And yes the company seems somewhat like Tucker did, except these guys had a prototype when they were supposed to. :P But actually if you look at their prototype, I'd have to say it's a combination of a 90s Jaguar, a newer Bentley, and a late 90s Buick, all mushed together with a signature 1930's Packard grille. But lacking the finishing touch of the swan hood ornament...

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