not starting

08-25-2005, 01:16 PM
Hi all
my name is kev, i Have read what Boxergirl had to say about her Rover 75 and its intermittant starting problems. My problem seems to go one step further, I have a 2003 Rover 75 1.8T, and it will not start at all, it has been on a computer but comes up with no fault, the engine turns over with no problem but will not start, the Rover dealer said it most probably is the fuel Pump coming appart in the tank. I disconnected a fuel line and turned over the engine plenty of fuel came out the pipe so I discounted this suggestion, they then suggested it might be the immobaliser I discounted this as the engine turns over freely. I have had the car for 14 months and had no problems with it at all. Now you dont realise what you had until you have to walk everywhere, any help or suggestions would be gratefully received, I was using the car one day the next it refused to go. Help!!!!!!! please

09-01-2005, 12:19 PM
I took my rover 75 to the local rover garage who put it on the computer it came up with a fuel pump fault. It turned out to be the fuel pump had come away from the wall of the fuel tank and the plastic cover had separated this allowed the fuel being pumped from the tank through the fuel pump and straight back into the fuel tank, so only a quarter of the fuel pressure required to run the engine was being detected, this is what stopped the car starting.

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