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A Great little car

07-24-2001, 08:16 PM
What an awsome little car. Not really much "Triumph" left in it, but the ultimate mix of british style and a "twist" of V8 to make it move!
The works prepared rally cars are great to watch in the right hands too, they dont like going in straight lines!.


01-01-2002, 01:40 AM
TR8!!????!!!!! I thought Triumph gave up after the TR-7.....Got an pics????

01-01-2002, 04:16 AM
There might be other mods like suspension or something, but basically a TR8 is a TR7 with a factory fitted V8

01-16-2002, 04:24 AM
Now I know what you mean, I found a book devoted to he car today

12-22-2003, 01:40 PM
check out this site


just put a load of pics of fiends tr8 rally car

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