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87 Fox starting problem

08-07-2005, 02:40 PM
Ok, I have an 87 fox... it is mint, I have 17 inche chrome rims and all that on it... it looks like a baby bmw... Well back in April when we had our first little spell of hot weather I hopped in it after work and it wouldnt start... it just kept on turning over and wouldnt fire up. So after someone calling the cops on me saying someone was trying to steal the car, I called my brother cause he owned the car before me, and he said put it in first and pop the clucth and turn the key at the same time..so I did that and it started like there was nothing worng... so then it got cool out again and it started fine for about 3 weeks, and then it did it again... this time even my brothers secret wouldnt work... you cant even push start it, it just wont fire up. So I took it to a mechanic...and he had it for 2 weeks and everytime he went out to start it... it started... so I thought well you having it aint doing me any good... so I figured I'd go pick it up before he decided to charge me for something stupid...so I went to get it... and I got in... and it did it again, so I went and got him, and he came out and I popped the hood and started it and the thing fired up right away... does this car have a mind of its own?? or does it not like me?? haha well I have had the car parked since april and using my american car instead (good choice) I go out and start it once a week just to keep the battery charged, and some days when I go out it will just keep on turning over and over, I can go out 10 times at different points in one day and it wont start, and on other days it will fire up first crack... does anyone know what this is??? I think the mechanic I took it to is an idiot for not knowing... I think it needs a new distributor cap and a rotor, and an ignition coil?? any info anyone coukld give would be great.. .I wanna cruise in this car on these hot sumemr nights.

10-23-2005, 12:00 AM
What else can you check? The fuse box. That's right, there is a wire bridge located between terminals 36 and 38 that needs to be properly seated to assure power to the starter. By making sure the wire bridge is securely seated, you should have outfoxed the Fox.

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