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Nissan Micra/March K10 SuperTurbo MA09ERT

07-14-2005, 02:09 PM
I am a Canadian Aircraft Inspector who has been spending alot of time and effort into importing and building MA09ERT engines for Nissan Micra K10 here in North America.
I started this quest back in 1988 when I first learned about the fantastic Turbo/Supercharged MA09ERT which was to be sold in Europe only and had not yet been on the market. When they first came out in England and Australia I was totally smitten. I Had To Have One, since then my collection of engines and parts has slowly grown.
The only drawback is that the MA09ERT is no longer made and support by any North Amercan Nissan dealer or shop is very LIMITED or at best non existant.
So I keep forging ahead and have been building a prototype Engine utilizing an MA12 Block with much the same setup as the original MA09ERT . . . but total output is targeted now around 150-160HP . . . NO this not guaranteed but just stated at this time due to the availability/compatibility of parts and most importantly, the reliability factor.
So Who wants a 150HP micra that keeps blowing head gaskets and valves or melts pistons. So far I have managed 155hp for a sustained run of 48hrs @ 6000 RPM 9Lbs of Boost.
So to all those Micra owners out there, The light at the end of the tunnel is getting near.

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